We are a group of freshwater ecologists from the Biology Department at St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, Minnesota studying the effect of temperature and nutrient availability on metabolism and nitrogen fixation in geothermally active streams in the Hengill region of Iceland. This is a collaborative research effort with our partners from Montana State University, the University of Alabama, the University of Iceland, and the Institute of Freshwater Fisheries in Iceland. See links to our collaborators labs below.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Iceland Summer 2015 in 5 minutes

The Fixation on Ice crew has been back in the United States for almost two months now! Time sure flies! Sample analysis in the laboratory is in full swing, and we have been working on some video production to help visually accentuate our experience! Below is a synopsis of our summer in Iceland in just over five minutes. Take a journey to Iceland with us as we collect samples, explore the country, and have the best time of our lives! Stay tuned for further videos that will include audio from team members.